Workforce Services



We offer our customers to take advantage of our optimized workforce solutions with customized solutions to overcome temporary staffing shortages, seasonal staffing, or order peaks.
Our contracts enable you to streamline your staffing needs even without any long-term binding contracts.  Especially during unexpected staffing shortages or seasonal demand, we are able to supply you on short notice with qualified personal. If you do not need the extra help anymore, we can take back the personal with the same short notice as well.

Most obligations and risks due to the employment remain with OPUS, i.e. salary, guaranteed remuneration in the event of sickness or short-time working,  social security contributions, vacation pay & christmas bonus, obey local and federal labour laws, respect redundancy legislation, etc.  We select your prospective staff from our pool of qualified employees and take full responsibility along with an hourly-based invoicing.  Our customers can streamline their personnel administration and reduce the risk of compulsory redundancies without sacrificing to have trained and highly skilled personnel.

We are also please to offer you as part of our workforce services the option to seek skilled staff for your permanent personnel.  Our vast network, expertise, and service focused approach made us leaders when it comes to personnel placement throughout the logistics industry.  We pre-qualify prospective candidates and present the matching job and personality profiles.  We consult, superise, and accompany the entire hiring process from start to finish to secure a fast fullfilment of vacanies.  Therefore, our customers save valuable time and energy, which they can better use to grow their core business.